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Product Review: Banshee Dust


Very euphoric with no paranoia
Username: Richard 03/06/2011
banshee dust is great, the buzz is really euphoric with no paranoia. You have to snort a fair bit and ignore the sting of it. It takes a while to come up but lasts ages without constant urges to do more. I'd say it is like the old skool e's from the 90's , one of the best RC's out there since mephedrone.

Better than magic 07/06/2011
Username: Dave
Better than magic, last longer with no edgyness.
I really liked banshee dust 12/06/2011
Username: Molly
i really liked the banshee dust :-) though it did take ages to come up on... I also tested a small quantity one night and it had zero effect...
Username: Clare 23-08-2011
love the banshee - 30 mins to work and lasts a long time - makes for a great night out! also tried the mdai - not as good as the real thing (what is) - but more mellow - though keep water handy - it creates a major thirst!!! thanks - i am already a repeat customer! 


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